Back From SF, Blog (March) Madness

Ashtyn and I returned from SF last night. We had a great time!  I've got some great pictures and thoughts from the time that we spent together. We also got some insight into what God is doing in the Bay Area through the people that we reconnected with. More on that next week.  The whole family is still on Spring Break, so I have lots more left to do before Sunday (I WILL be back at church on Sunday).

One other thing:  Downshoredrift made it into the Blog Madness Tournament at  Out of over 450 SBC blogs, I made the field of 64.  It's just an honor to be nominated!  This is probably the closest thing to any kind of "Blog Awards" that Downshoredrift would be up for and the bragging rights are kind of satisfying. There is no way I can win this thing, but it would be cool to make it to the second round (I made it to the Sweet 16 last year).  So, go to this link:

Go down to the South Division. I'm the #5 seed, but am currently in a real battle to make it to the second round.  I'd love to have your vote so that I'm not one and done!

As for the REAL NCAA Tournament, both LSU and Miss. St. are in it, so I'll be pulling for both of them. Have a great week!

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