Ben Cole Makes Nice With Malcolm Yarnell

Only SBC blogging types would understand the significance of this event, so if you are not one of those people, just ignore.

Ed Stetzer is twittering the convention. He caught a picture of Ben Cole making up with the powers that be at Southwestern, represented by Dr. Malcolm Yarnell. I think that Ben was supposed to kiss the ring, not the head.  Those guys are such a riot!   Yarnell and Cole would make a great comedy team.    


Good to see Malcolm smiling.  Ben takes that greeting one another with a holy kiss, seriously, eh?

Yes, the SBC Annual Meeting is a strange happening. Strange indeed.

My next next post will display a picture of pigs flying.

Stay tuned for some fireworks tomorrow, actually.

3 Responses to Ben Cole Makes Nice With Malcolm Yarnell

  1. Amazed! Totally amazed!
    that ben would dare to approach malcolm without a tie on!