Blaise Pascal on Accepting What God Sends Our Way

Tomorrow, I go in for surgery on my stomach to address an issue from two years ago as an infection has come back. Not fun. But, tonight, I was putting together the notes for the Wednesday Night Bible Study and I ran across these words that Blaise Pascal prayed in his Pensees:

With perfect consistency of mind, help me to receive all manner of events. For we know not what to ask, and we cannot ask for one event rather than another without presumption. We cannot desire a specific action without presuming to be a judge, and assuming responsibility for what in Your wisdom You may hide from me. O Lord, I know only one thing, and that is that it is good to follow You and wicked to offend you.  Beyond this, I do not know what is good for me, whether health or sickness, riches or poverty, or anything else in this world. This knowledge surpasses both the wisdom of men and of angels. It lies hidden in the secrets of Your providence, which I adore, and will not dare to pry open.

We really can see the events of each day as opportunities to experience God in fresh ways, to grow in Him, and for Him to prove Himself strong in our lives. Instead of shrinking back from difficulties and challenges, we can go through these things with God.  May it be.

2 Responses to Blaise Pascal on Accepting What God Sends Our Way

  1. Praying that your surgical procedure goes well and that you experience a speedy and complete recovery.