Breaking In

Breaking In

The whole world lay still, silent, strapped down

Loaded beneath the weight of groaning and longing

For a new day, a breakthrough, a hope,

Some form of deliverance

A little happiness,

A moment of light,

Someone to heal the rift,

A breaking of the dawn.


Into this, came the most unexpected surprise.

Unheralded, overlooked, away from home,

A quiet young woman, confused but excited,

Frightened, yet hopeful.

Looking for her deliverance and the salvation of her people

From the chains of oppression and from their own sins.


Refugee stragglers, mocked, ridiculed, and talked about

Behind their backs and laughed out of the room.

Angels? The Messiah? “God” came upon her?

Mary was out of her mind. Everyone said so.

Joseph, distraught, confused, overwhelmed, but directed

By the Angel and welcomed Mary in – against all reason.


Into this scandal, with all the rules shattered,

God broke in.

The Word became Flesh and made His dwelling,

His abode, His habitat

Among us.


God came near.

Light broke into darkness and the darkness fled.

It rose up and battled the light, but the light overcame it.

Light won and now we can all see.


Chains were broken, hope replaced despair.

Only the poor could see – only those with kid eyes

Who were not burdened down by their own expectations and mental barriers,

The walls that seem to be erected as we try to control and figure out

How to make this life work and how to get God to work for us.


But, God came near by becoming very, very small and He shattered all our ideas.

He replaced our perceived notions and propositions with Himself.

Some ran to Him. Some ran away. Some tried to kill Him.

Some succeeded, for a moment.

But, Light and Love broke through anyway.

Death could not hold Him.


Victory swallowed up the grave.

All things were made new,

And are being made new.

Christ has broken in.

Life has broken in.

Salvation is appearing, love is redeeming,

And all things are being made new,

And are being made new,

And are being made new.


And Christmas keeps coming.

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