Caelan Has Cancer Scans Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Friday, May 7th), Caelan has to go Birmingham for scans. We do this every four months. I hate scan days. This has been going on for over three years with Caelan and we are so grateful that he is through with treatments and is healthy. But, scan days are the days where we test everything to see where he stands. If the cancer comes back, we start over. But, we continue to trust God and hope for a good report.
Please pray for Caelan, that all will be well and that he will get a good report. Pray for Erika and me as well. We will need it. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

2 Responses to Caelan Has Cancer Scans Tomorrow

  1. You guys are on my prayer list for quite some time already, especially little Caelan.
    Hope all is well. God bless you!