Caelan Has Scans Tomorrow

I put this in my previous post, but I thought I'd break it out because we really would like prayer. Caelan, my 3 year old son, has scans tomorrow. Caelan is totally healthy right now and these scans are routine and nothing out of the ordinary. He goes every 4 months for this, and since the scare last year that many of you remember, he has not had any further problems. We are praying that we get clear scans tomorrow as well. Even though we believe God in this and continue to trust Him for the complete and lasting healing of our son from the cancer that he contracted as a baby, the days that we go for scans are still pretty nerve wracking.

God has done great miracles for us in the life of our child and we continue to look to Him for healing and deliverance. And, also for God's peace that surpasses all understanding to get through this! 

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