Caelan Is Doing VERY Well! Praise God!

03050813381So many prayers were answered today. Our surgeon was able to get the enlarged lymph node without any trouble. In other words, they were able to get it with the smaller incision and the scope instead of the large incision that would have been much more painful and involved. Everything went beautifully. She only biopsied that one area because when she looked at the other two areas they were fine. The lymph node is going to be sent off to pathology and we will get definitive results next week, but our surgeon told us that as far as she can see, she feels like that it is likely not cancer. She had her doubts that it was cancer all along, but the oncologists were very concerned and pushed for this. We have yet to hear from them and they could have a different opinion, but as of right now, we are hearing good news. One thing in our favor at this point involving the lymph node is that it came out very "fleshy" and soft instead of being hard. Normally, a cancerous tumor would be hard in this type of circumstance. So, we will wait and see, but we are praising God that Caelan is alright, that they got everything they needed without complications, that they did not have to cut on him too deeply, and that our surgeon is optimistic at this point. Again, that is not the final answer because pathology has to do its work, but we feel better about this at this point.

God is so good. He has been so close to us throughout all of this and He will continue to be. We will be here until at least Saturday or Sunday.  Caelan is in a lot of pain when he wakes up, but they are managing it nicely and he will sleep throughout most of the day. He has a chest tube to take off any fluid build up and that, combined with the incision is painful, but that will soon pass. He is doing well.

Thank you all so much for praying. We will continue to look to God and trust Him to do His work. God is so good.

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  1. Alan & Erika,
    OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!!! We will continue to await the final decision with prayer, but we are worshiping, rejoicing, and thanking the ONE WHO HEALS!!!! PRAISE JESUS!!!!!

  2. Praise God, and continued prayers for you and Caelan. How precious is life and how good is our God!
    Sherri and Gabe

  3. Alan,
    I do not know if Wes told you or not, but we have about 6 of us on a conference call to pray for Calean. I praise God to hear of this. Great News!!

  4. Oh Alan, praise the Lord! This is so good to hear. I will continue to pray for his quick healing and comfort. selahV

  5. Praise God! We will continue to lift you all up in our prayers and I will give an update to my singles group I work with. They have been praying for him too.
    God be with you,
    Ron P.

  6. Praise God!
    We are continuing to call on the Lord in prayer by faith…
    Thank You Lord!
    Our love to you all!

  7. We embrace the work of the Spirit in all of this, and rejoice that He alone is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine.

  8. Wow. Our God is incredible. Praise Jesus! I’ve been praying so hard for y’all. This lifts my spirits so much. I am so thankful for this great news. I love y’all, and I’ll keep praying.
    Go Jesus. Go Jesus. Go Jesus.

  9. So glad to hear some good news concerning Caelan and his surgery. Wes and I rejoice with you, and we’re continuing to lift you up in prayer. Praise God for what He has already done!

  10. This is such wonderful news! Praise Him Always! We are continuing to pray and lift little Caelan up. We love you all, Brian and Lena

  11. We are praising God with you, and continuing to pray that the results are totally clear. God is so awesome. Praise Jesus!
    The Morris Family

  12. Alan and Erika,
    We praise God with you for this news! We will continue to lift all of you up in prayer. As you said in your post, God is good.
    The Teal Family

  13. Yeah Jesus! We are so excited about this news and rejoicing with you! We look forward to seeing you guys soon!
    Love and Prayers,
    Chris and Natalie