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A Resolution on Ministry to Immigrants for Alabama Baptists

The 2014 Alabama Baptist State Convention will take place in Birmingham, AL on November 11-12. I am submitting the following resolution to the convention. It calls for holistic gospel ministry to immigrants in our state by Alabama Baptists. The resolution also encourages our elected officials to work together to agree upon equitable immigration reform. Alabama… Continue Reading

God At the Border? Children, the Immigration Crisis, and the Church

America is facing a crisis at the border. Tens of thousands of children have come from Central America looking for asylum, protection, and a chance at a future that they will not find in their home countries. Drug Wars have ravaged their nations. Also, confusion from Washington and our politicians on what the immigration situation… Continue Reading

Be the Change You Want to See: Homeless Man Returns Bag with $40,000, Another Man (Pike Road, AL native) Raises $100,000 For Him

What an amazing story. Glen James, a homeless man who panhandled for spare change in Boston, found a bag left behind by a traveler with $40,000. Instead of keeping it for himself (and he definitely could have used it), he turned it in to the police. James cited his faith in God and his trust… Continue Reading

The Real Reason that Violent Crime Is Up in Montgomery

  Violent Crime continues to rise in Montgomery. City leaders have decided to bring in the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office to form a panel with local law enforcement to try and figure out what is going on. While this is an admirable approach and I hope that they find some answers that they have… Continue Reading

Does the Church Have a Future in Montgomery, Alabama?

Of course, the immediate answer is yes. But, I am asking the same question I asked about a year and a half ago in this post: Not much has changed in Montgomery in a year and a half except that more people have moved to bedroom communities and more Christians have congregated in megachurches.… Continue Reading

Can the Christian Church Help Montgomery, Alabama?

I live in Montgomery, Alabama. I have lived and ministered here for almost 10 years. This past week, a horrible division occurred on Montgomery's school board along racial lines. Today, an article comes out confirming what everyone knows: White flight has completely taken hold in Montgomery County.  In just 8 years, whites have gone from… Continue Reading

Gateway’s 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Is a Huge Success!

About 9 months ago, we had a big breakthrough in our church when we began to reach teenagers in our community for the first time.  Our youth group went on a mission trip to Houston and came back wanting to reach out to their neighbors. We started a Kid's Club on Sunday afternoons thinking that we… Continue Reading

What I Love About Montgomery, Alabama

Joe Thorn got me thinking about loving my own city.  I am not originally from Montgomery. I was born in New Orleans, LA and grew up in South Mississippi. I went to college at Mississippi State University and seminary at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Marin County of the San Francisco Bay Area. I have… Continue Reading