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Random Thinking

Last night, I couldn't get to sleep. My mind was racing. Finally, I drifted off, but not before I ran through a dozen different subjects. I've been told by friends that I have adult ADD. Maybe so. It would explain a lot. Normally, I write essays for this blog because it is really rewarding for… Continue Reading

The Dark Knight Review

I went to see The Dark Knight on Friday night and was not disappointed at all. Actually, this movie has to make my list as one of the best I’ve seen, and I do not throw around those types of compliments lightly. For a summer blockbuster, this movie is exceptional in every way (USA Today… Continue Reading

Christian Themed Movies Do Better Than Others

Tallskinnykiwi linked to this and it reminded me of a conversation I had the other day with a friend of mine. Apparently, movies with a strong Christian worldview and Christian themes/morality do MUCH better at the box office than movies with strong sexual content or very foul language.  That is really no surprise for anyone… Continue Reading