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For the Record . . .

This is a good synopsis of the issue surrounding speaking in tongues in the SBC by Sam Hodges of the Dallas Morning News: Tongues Tied: The Lowdown on a Baptist Spat. I wanted to link to it for future reference. It summarizes the issues well. HT:  Ben Cole. Continue Reading

Evangelicals and the Holy Spirit: Last Post! The Role of the Holy Spirit in Prayer

This is the last in my series on Evangelicals and the Holy Spirit, particularly in relation to the continuation of Spiritual Gifts, and especially speaking in tongues. I will attempt to answer some questions regarding the role and purpose of speaking in tongues in this post. As you read this, think about whether or not… Continue Reading

Evangelicals and the Holy Spirit, Part 3: So, What About Speaking in Tongues?

After talking about presuppositions and foundations, it is time to move to the direct issue of speaking in tongues. This issue is important because the boards of trustees of the International Mission Board (IMB), the North American Mission Board (NAMB), and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) have all made statements and policy against this practice. … Continue Reading

Evangelicals and the Holy Spirit, Part 2: Examining our Presuppositions

In my previous post on this issue, I dealt with the idea of the origins of cessationism (the belief that the miraculous gifts of the Spirit have ceased). I believe that cessationism is directly related to the skepticism of the Enlightenment and resulting modernism and has more in common with liberalism than with Biblical conservatism.… Continue Reading