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God is Moving in Northern India

I just returned from our trip to Northern India where we participated in helping lead a conference with an emerging indigenous ministry network that we helped initiate last year. It was amazing! We also travelled into the mountains to facilitate further development of the clean water project that we have begun with a local Christian… Continue Reading

In the Mood for Pictures

I haven’t posted any pictures lately, but I found myself in the mood to put a few up tonight. This is a wide variety of pictures from a beach trip, to Christmas presents, New Year’s fireworks, and even a Southern Snowfall.  Photography has been a really good outlet for me, especially when I get to… Continue Reading

Union Church in India

When we were in Northern India, we stopped by a church in the city of Mussoorie and walked into a Union Church that was basically a protestant church that allowed many different denominations to come together and worship Jesus. The pastor was from a baptist background, but they tried to lift up the name of… Continue Reading

Back From India

I returned from India on Saturday evening and have been incredibly busy ever since. The trip was incredible and all of our goals were accomplished. I’ll briefly share what happened and elaborate more later:  In conjunction with a Christian hospital high in the mountains of Northern India, we established the beginnings of the Himalayan Clean… Continue Reading