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#FearIsNotOurPolicy, Refugees, and Speaking for the Vulnerable in the South Carolina Statehouse

#FearIsNotOurPolicy, Refugees, and Speaking for the Vulnerable in the South Carolina Statehouse

Quite a few people have been working against the anti-refugee bill, S997 in South Carolina along with churches, ministries, refugee resettlement organizations, and other groups for the past few months. I blogged about the bill, the religious liberty implications of it, and the work against it here and here as a summary. The Washington Post (here and here) and… Continue Reading

Another View on Obama’s Comments on the Crusades, Slavery, and Jim Crow

As I wrote last week, President Obama was both right and wrong in his comments at the National Prayer Breakfast when he brought up Western Christianity’s involvement in the Crusades, Inquisitions, Slavery, and Jim Crow Segregation in America. He was right to say that all religions can be corrupted and affirm things that are inconsistent… Continue Reading

Obama’s Right/Wrong Statements About Religion and Violence at the National Prayer Breakfast

Sarah Pulliam Bailey, in her first byline this morning for the Washington Post, writes about President Obama’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast where he addressed issues of religious liberty, free speech, and the ways that religion can often be used by those engaging in violence to others. I saw most of the speech this… Continue Reading

Racism Is A Symptom of a Deeper Issue That We Don’t Want to Address

Christian groups like the ERLC and the Kainos Movement are moving toward hosting discussions on racism in America and in the church in the 21st century, which is a good thing. But, if we are not careful, we will miss the deeper issues that animate the entire problem. I sought to explore those deeper issues… Continue Reading

Be the Change You Want to See: Homeless Man Returns Bag with $40,000, Another Man (Pike Road, AL native) Raises $100,000 For Him

What an amazing story. Glen James, a homeless man who panhandled for spare change in Boston, found a bag left behind by a traveler with $40,000. Instead of keeping it for himself (and he definitely could have used it), he turned it in to the police. James cited his faith in God and his trust… Continue Reading

Alabama Sororities Desegregate: The House of Racism Only Required a Push to Begin to Crack and Topple

It was all a house of cards, but no one knew it. What seemed to be impenetrable and just “how things were” was pushed on by a few sorority girls at the University of Alabama and the structure is now cracking and beginning to fall. How far will this go? How much introspection will take… Continue Reading

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (11 Dec. 1918 – 3 Aug. 2008), Russian dissident under Communist rule, novelist (won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1970), and historian who shone a light on Communist oppression through the Gulags, died five years ago today. In 1983, Solzhenitsyn gave an address on the occasion of winning the Templeton Prize for… Continue Reading

Obama, Gosnell, Planned Parenthood, and the Born Alive Infant Protection Acts 2001-2003

As the Dr. Kermit Gosnell case really hit the news last week, I kept hearing bits and pieces about President Obama's votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Acts when he was an Illinois state senator a decade ago. Obama voted against these acts four times because he feared that they would somehow erode abortion… Continue Reading