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Ray “Boom, Boom” Mancini and Regret

All of us have experiences in our life that we wish we could do over. We wish that we could receive a mulligan to replay a decision or an event and come out with a totally different outcome. Things happen to us and we do things that can be quite painful, that can haunt us… Continue Reading

Football Returns!!!

I finally get to watch sports again! College football returns with LSU taking on Mississippi St. tonight. I am a lifelong LSU fan that is also a graduate of Miss. St., so this game is always interesting for me. I always pull for LSU, because you just can’t go against the team of your childhood.… Continue Reading

Waste – Michael Vick

With Michael Vick’s admission of guilt regarding involvement in a dog fighting ring today, I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of character in attaining success. No one would dispute that Mike Vick is a supremely talented quarterback, although he has had some trouble passing the ball. But, internally, his life was obviously a… Continue Reading

The Saints Are Coming!

I know I’ve been talking about football a lot lately, but it’s that time of year when everything is coming to a head and my teams have done well. The New Orleans Saints play in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs Saturday night at 7pm against the Philadelphia Eagles. I’ll be watching and, hopefully,… Continue Reading

Relaxing Day

Today was my 5 year old son Peyton’s first basketball game. He did great! He played really tough defense and was named the Defensive Player of the Game for his team with 5 rebounds and tight defense on his man. It was really fun! After that, I took him and my three year old boy,… Continue Reading

Sigh. Saban To Bama: Lessons Learned?

Being a huge LSU fan, I was looking forward to today when LSU plays Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl. But, our former coach made an interesting move. He signs on with a major rival, Alabama, after only two seasons with the Miami Dolphins. And, he does it after repeated denials of interest in the… Continue Reading

Some Good News!!!

We received some good news regarding our 16 month old son, Caelan, who is going through cancer treatment. Soon after his surgery to remove his tumor in April, a pocket of fluid began to develop in the surgery site. The doctors have been watching it very closely, expecting it to go away, but it has… Continue Reading

College Football Picks

Well, this is the week of the game we’ve all been waiting for. #3 Auburn hosts #6 LSU, in what could be the game of the year in the SEC. The winner of this game has won the SEC West 5 of the last 6 years. Almost everyone is picking Auburn to win, primarily because… Continue Reading