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The Apology of Aristides, Fasting, and the Lifestyles of Early Christians

At LIFE Group this past Friday night, we were sitting outside by the fire and talking about prayer and fasting and how the discipline of fasting has a two-fold objective, which is to put away distractions and dependencies to bring us to God and then to give ourselves away to others.  Gabe Posey, a member… Continue Reading

Christian Vocation and God’s Benevolent Care

When we think about our "calling," we often think of someone being "called" into full-time ministry. But, that is a very truncated view of what our calling is.  From the Latin word for "calling" we get the concept of Vocation. Everyone has a God-given Vocation, a role to play in their family, church, workplace, and… Continue Reading

Message on Hell

Over the course of July, I have been preaching a series dealing with the Judgment of God and how God is just to judge sinners. The first week, I preached on God's righteousness. The next week, God's Wrath. I was going to preach on Hell last week, but we had some other stuff come up… Continue Reading

Short, Incomplete Review of Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” – Do People Go To Hell?

I wanted to avoid this. Back in March, word hit that Michigan megachurch pastor, Rob Bell, was releasing a book about heaven, hell, and eternity. The blogosphere/twittersphere/facebook was filled with discussion, commentary, anger, personal assaults, snarky comments, and a good old-fashioned theological throwdown. I was actually in Guatemala with our church and read a little of it, but… Continue Reading

Where Does Righteousness Come From?

Where does our righteousness come from?  Where does the state of being right come from? From ourselves? From the approval of society? From some standard that we have lived up to?  Are we self-righteous? If, however, God is your standard, then on what basis are you declared righteous?  How do we become right with God? If we… Continue Reading

CS Lewis on the Beauty We Seek

Recently, I was listening to a Tim Keller sermon called "Seeing Him As He Is." You can find it on the Timothy Keller page on iTunes.  In that sermon, he read a rather lengthy quote for CS Lewis. It took a couple of minutes, which made me feel less bad about reading long quotes during my sermons.… Continue Reading