Cheesiest Song Ever? “Glory of Love” and a Tale of 12 Year Old Heartbreak

I turn 35 tomorrow, July 13. In honor of my birthday, I'm going to post a few songs over the next 24 hours from my childhood that I either loved or hated – but they all marked a significant event in my life growing up. The first song is one that I HATED. It is Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" from Karate Kid II, I think. I was 12 years old. I had a crush on a girl named Gayle. She had long black hair and dark eyes. She was really cute in a Winnie Cooper sort of way. But, this other guy in my class who we'll just call "Backstabber" won her over by writing out the lyrics to "Glory of Love" and giving it to her in a note, as though he was going to be her Ralph Macchio. So, he shows me the note at a football game and says that he's going to give it to her. He told me that girls loved stuff like that. We were supposed to be friends or something, I guess. I didn't say anything. I tried to play it cool in my jean jacket with the sleeves rolled up and the collar popped. But, deep inside I was fuming.  He won the girl, by the way, and it's all because of that irresistible Peter Cetera and his "Glory of Love." Whatever. I'm over it.

I've hated that song ever since. It reminds me of 12 year old heartbreak, which is the worst kind. I thought I was unstoppable in my jean jacket. But, I couldn't handle Cetera lyrics written on notebook paper and folded up real small. I'd learned my lesson, though.  You can't fight Cetera.

Take a listen. Feel my pain.

8 Responses to Cheesiest Song Ever? “Glory of Love” and a Tale of 12 Year Old Heartbreak

  1. Well Alan, as they say in Holland:
    Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! En Gods zegen toegewenst.
    (Congratulations on your birthday, and may God bless you!)
    And indeed, may God bless you and keep you, and your family.
    All the best!
    PS. Such a sweet and sad story :-(.

  2. Well I’m sorry about your emotional pain…and to be honest, Cetera butchers his own song in this video…but that radio version of that song was good. And I pulled the same thing with a girl – of course I would have been like 17…so it was a good song to pick up women!

  3. Hilarious story….feel your pain. Mine was “Crazy for you” by Madonna. It was at the 8th grade dance and her name was Kitty. It was a Wonder Years moment as she danced to this song with some older guy…I swear the whole dance floor emptied as they danced…some older punk with the girl of my dreams. Then to make it worse…half way through the song some other girl…nowhere near as pretty as Kitty asked me to dance. Of course I said no and continued sulking in my despair. Everytime I hear Crazy for you I’m back in that cafeteria in that moment….crazy.

  4. Cheesiest song ever, as you know, “She’s Like the Wind” performed by the cheesiest actor of all time: Swayze.
    But, you have a great story with this terribly cheesy song, especially given that it comes from Karate Kid II.
    After this song, when the relationship fizzled, do you think they were “making love out of nothing at all”? (Runner up for cheesiest song.)
    Cetera is so bad here.

  5. eye, there be few that could stand up to the power of the Cetera.
    Perhaps if you’d had the wherewithal to counter with this:

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