Christian Foundations Class @ Gateway Starting Sunday

Over the next eight weeks beginning this Sunday, August 18, I will be teaching a Christian foundations class in the Sanctuary during the Sunday School hour. We have had a lot of people come to Christ in our church over he past several months and I wanted to provide a quick overview of Christianity from the Scriptures and the narrative framework of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation with aspects of the Christian life following.

The class will work together on understanding what Scripture says about these topics and what flows out of them. We will add our reflections and questions and develop a curriculum for our church for us to use in future discipleship rooted in what God has done in history, how He has revealed Himself in Scripture, and how He is still at work to reconcile all things to Himself. Here is the outline of where we are headed:

Christian Foundations: Following Jesus in a World Gone Mad

  • Session One: Who Is God? A Theological Journey . . . building your life on the Rock with Christ at the Center.
  • Session Two: Who Is Man? An Anthropological Journey . . . Know thyself.
  • Session Three: What Has Gone Wrong With the World? Sin, brokenness, and its personal and global effects . . . Sick, Dead, and Living UpsideDown.
  • Session Four: How Are Things Made Right? A View From the Cross: Salvation, Justification, Restoration, and New Creation . . . Turning Around and RightSideUp.
  • Session Five: The Word of God, Prayer, Worship, and the Indwelling Spirit. A Case for Divine Reason and Revelation . . . The Word Becomes Flesh and Makes Its Dwelling Among Us . . . And With Us and In Us.
  • Session Six: Loving God & People. The Way of Jesus . . . All of God’s Commands Hang on Love for God and Man In All We Do and In All of Our Affections.
  • Session Seven: The Church. A Colony of Heaven in the Country of Death . . . God’s People from Every Tribe and Nation in the World Broken Giving Praise and Loving Sacrificially as a Foretaste of Heaven.
  • Session Eight: The Missio Dei. The Spirit, the Church, and the Kingdom of God. All Things Being Placed Under Jesus’ Feet . . . Vocation, Location, Warfare, and Re-Creation.
It will likely adapt and shift a bit as we go forward, but it will be eight weeks long and will attempt to cover all of this in digestible segments in a way that is reproducible. Each session will bring in supporting material and links to other resources. I will probably place the whole course on our church’s website for easy access. It will be really interesting to hear the questions of new believers and to think about how they interact with all of this as well.

If you have been coming to Gateway and are interested in learning more about the Christian faith or if you want to join in a study of how we disciple new believers, join us on Sunday mornings for the next eight weeks.


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