Don’t Be an Emaciated Alien Space Monkey

Atrophied ape A few weeks ago, I ran across a picture and article that startled me. Apparently, this creature appeared in a village in China and people there didn't know what it was. One lady thought it was a space alien. That sentiment grew throughout the village after she caught it in a laundry basket and brought it to the town sheriff. Eventually, they realized that it was a starving monkey and they began feeding it cucumbers and then peaches. Now, people are saying that it is a Lemur, not a monkey at all. Whatever it is, it looks pretty creepy.

But, this little unidentified creature got me thinking. It was malnourished and didn't look anything like what it was supposed to look like so it was easily confused with another species entirely – perhaps even something that doesn't belong on this planet. The spiritual analogy was pretty easy for me to make. As Christians, we have the choice to either feed on God and grow in Him or feed on the world and grow in worldliness. When we feed on God, Christ comes through and it is obvious what we are. We live as the New Creation that we are supposed to be. We look like Jesus. But, when we don't fill ourselves with Christ and the things of God, we end up looking like something else entirely. People don't know what we are. We are supposed to look like Jesus, but instead, we look like something twisted and distorted – religious people without any real life or worldly people who just use religion to cover all their bases. Galatians 6 says that if we sow to the flesh, we will reap destruction but if we sow to the Spirit, we will reap eternal life.

Sometimes as Christians, we can look like alien space monkeys – frightening and malnourished and like something odd and creepy. It is like we are feeding on death itself.  But, when we go back to Christ and partake of Him regularly, we grow into who He created us to be.

Maybe this is a trite analogy, but I have kept thinking about it the past few weeks and when I don't feel like myself, it has caused me to wonder if it is because I am wasting away because I am not connected to Christ the way that I should be. His grace calls me back to Himself where I am renewed once again.

2 Responses to Don’t Be an Emaciated Alien Space Monkey

  1. I think it is a beautiful animal . . . it’s a primate, you know. Question is ‘how did it get to China ?”, as lemurs aren’t native to China.
    They are ‘endangered’ for the same reason most animals on that list are ‘endangered’ . . . their natural habitats are being destroyed by humans.
    David can sleep well tonight . . . the lemurs of this earth will soon be gone and no longer frighten anyone.
    In the meantime, think how frightening we must seem to this little animal, whom it please God to create and place on this earth.