Downshoredrift Twitter Updates for Last Week or Two

Twitter I use Twitter a lot for updates and links to interesting articles that I find. I recently disconnected my Facebook from my Twitter, so if you don't follow me on Twitter, you might want to check out what I've been linking and tweeting over the past week or so.

"@PastorTullian: Suffering Does Not Rob You Of Joy—Idolatry Does. READ:"   

"@micahfries: Wherever hell is breaking loose, the church should be there. @bobrobertsjr"

More on the Need for Church Structure/Ministry Teams   

"@DailyKeller: The sin under all other sins is a lack of joy in Christ." If we don't find our joy in Christ, we will find it elsewhere. 7:32 AM Nov 10th

@DailyKeller: Gospel repentance is tapping into joy of our union w/ Christ in order 2 weaken our need 2 do anything contrary to God's heart. 4:26 PM Nov 9th

How Much Structure Is Needed In Church Ministry? 3:39 PM Nov 9th

Photos From New Orleans 12:07 AM Nov 9th

"@stevekmccoy: Tim Keller: Justice & Generosity. Why TK wrote Generous Justice: (book:" 1:58 PM Nov 8th

At mass in St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square. 9:09 AM Nov 7th

Chargrilled oysters at Drago's = Awesome! Oh, and Geaux Tigers! 10:17 PM Nov 6th

PeteThamelNYT   BREAKING NEWS: We have on-record confirmation the NCAA is investigating the recruitment of Cameron Newton. 4:55 PM Nov 4th

Deacon Ministry, Generous Justice, and Caring for the Poor (Tim Keller) 6:27 PM Nov 4th   

Cooking dinner. I love asparagus sauteed in olive oil with a little salt and pepper. Who's with me? 5:55 PM Nov 4th

@moodythinking & @drew_burton sharing w/ the youth about how God calls us to live sacrificially & totally focused on Christ & not stuff. 7:33 PM Nov 3rd

Something is stirring at Gateway. People are seriously talking about how we can live life from God's perspective instead of our own. 7:29 PM Nov 3rd  

How Republicans Can Win the 2012 Elections 5:42 PM Nov 3rd

@ScottyWardSmith: "Heaven offers nothing that a mercenary soul can desire." C S Lewis 12:35 PM Nov 3rd   

@edstetzer: One of the unintended consequences of “church excellence” is it can attract "consumers of excellence." #WFX 12:33 PM Nov 3rd 

Election Night, @Tallskinnykiwi, and Reaching the City 10:50 PM Nov 2nd

Chris Matthews is the most conservative member of the MSNBC political panel. Wow. FOX has a few liberals on. Why the echo chamber on MSNBC? 8:44 PM Nov 2nd 

Whole family gathered around TV watching election returns tonight. I love election night. Expect further tweets. #politicaljunkie 6:57 PM Nov 2nd


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