Dying to the Natural Life and Coming Fully Alive(CS Lewis)

From CS Lewis’ Mere Christianity:
The result of this was that you now had one man who really was hwat all men were intended to be: one man in whom the created life, derived from His Mother, allowed itself to be completely and perfectly turned into the begotten life. The natural human creature in Him was taken up fully into the divine Son. Thus in one instance humanity had, so to speak, arrived: had passed into the life of Christ. And because the whole difficulty for us is that the natural life has to be, in a sense, ‘killed’, He chose an earthly career which involved the killing of His human desires at every turn – poverty, misunderstanding from His own family, betrayal by one of his intimate friends, being jeered at and manhandled by the Police, and execution by torture. And then, after being thus killed – killed every day in a sense – the human creature in Him, because it was united to the divine Son, came to life again. The Man in Christ rose again: not only the God. That is the whole point. For the first time we saw a real man. One tin soldier – real tin, just like the rest – had come fully and splendidly alive.
The way up is down. The way to live is to die to self and then let Christ arise in you. The way to find real life is to lay down your own desires, rights, strength, and claims on the life you think you deserve. Jesus went before us and, through death, secured life for us. But, He also calls us to walk in HIS way. If we try to save our old life then we will lose our new life. If we try to establish our old identity in the flesh as a our true identity, we will wander aimlessly and join the harassed and helpless crowds. But, if we die to our old desires and passions and if we recognize that Jesus’s life is better and we live to Him, then we will join with Him in experiencing true life – new life – the New Creation. Die to live. Do down to go up. Take the lesser seat. Take up your cross. Let it go. Humble yourself before The Lord and He will lift you up. Peace comes when we cease striving and entrust ourselves to God, the One who judges justly and rewards all who seek Him. This is not escapism. It is finding the right place in Christ to STAND.
And, we must Stand.

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