Evangelical Disconnect on Racism, History, Mission, & Discipleship

Saw a book review yesterday about a book that claimed to explain how Christians lost influence in the culture over time. Lots of evangelical leaders were saying that it was a great book and it really explained what happened. I looked through the book on Amazon, just to see, and it did not mention racism, slavery, or Race at all. Not once. I heard a podcast recently with a major evangelical scholar and he said that the weakness in the church today could be traced back to the 1800's. I became hopeful. Unfortunately, he did not mention Race or slavery or racism.

When the larger culture makes "12 Years a Slave" and gives it the Academy Award for Best Picture and Evangelicals still do not see the causes/effects of what happened and how it all pointed to a much deeper/bigger problem that we STILL struggle with every day, we have a massive disconnect that is killing our attempts at discipleship and mission.

For an aspect of the story of what went wrong at the end of Christendom in America and how it can be and is being made right again, check:

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