God Is Working In India (Pictures Included)

We are in Northern India this week, working with the ministries that we have partnered with over the past 5-8 years. God is doing great things here and it is amazing to see the perseverence and faithfulness of the Indian Christians in a very difficult place for the gospel.  We have spent time with Dr. Rajesh in a Christian hospital in the mountains, with a ministry that cares for children and sends church planters deep into the Himalayas, at the residential children's school in Dehradun that we work with, and with a ministry that does development work and gospel ministry in rural villages outside of Dehradun. And, we have only really been here for 3 days. Today, we head to Rishikesh to connect with another ministry that operates a Christian school and does village development work, while praying through and engaging in gospel conversations in this holy city for the Hindus on the Ganges. Prayers are always appreciated.

























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