God Have Mercy

Ernesto is coming . . . Please Pray.  Here are some different projections I found:


Obviously, if this hits anywhere in the possible projected area, it is very bad news for the people on the Gulf Coast. The second projection would be a bit better for New Orleans, but not by much. We’re already gearing up by connecting with our contacts down there and are making plans to activate the network that we established of churches in Montgomery to send groups and help. If you would like to be a part of that, leave a comment and I’ll get in touch with you. We are positioning ourselves to be a shelter of last resort for people who live in FEMA trailers. Over 50,000 people alone live in FEMA trailers on the MS Gulf Coast. In strong winds, they’ll roll like a tin can. I’ve made a bunch of phone calls today and our camp in Waveland is getting the world out to residents to offer them shelter in Montgomery. Things are gearing up. I hope it goes somewhere else. This area can’t take it.  Further updates later . . .

One Response to God Have Mercy

  1. Glad to be away from there! The Gulf Coast will always be in my prayers. We are going back in November.