Going After the Beauty In the Midst of the Danger

I just recently discovered the amazing surf photography of Clark Little as he captured the wavebreaks on Hawaii’s North Shore and elsewhere. This is really incredible stuff and it has moved my soul like few things in recent days. You really need to take a look at this.
Little goes into the waves to get these amazing pictures from the inside of the curl and from all different angles. In the process, he gets pounded by the waves and has been injured many times. Massive waves that most people would not go near for fear of death and drowning become Little’s office and workshop and he captures beauty that is being created every moment of every day. But, it is beauty that eludes the average person because we will not or cannot dive into the waves to find it. Clark Little serves us all by going after the beauty in the midst of the danger and bringing it back out for us all to see. It is really incredible.
So, I have not been able to stop thinking about what this guy does each and every day. It has caused me to think about our walk with God and how we are to live courageously and to really believe that there is beauty in the midst of the storm if we would just go after it. We will find God in the middle of the crashing waves, I think, if we will trust Him enough to join Him. Jesus said that we would not really find our lives until we lose them. In other words, true life is found in the middle of laying our old lives down. What looks dangerous and like death to us actually becomes the place of beauty and hope if we trust that we will meet Christ there. This reminds of how Aslan, the great lion in the Chronicles of Narnia was described:

“Safe?” said Mr. Beaver […] “Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”

These waves, majestic and powerful and crashing with tons of force continuously, are right there on the wavebreaks. Every single day. They are there and people have surfed them and look at them. But, Clark Little went inside of them and has taken these pictures and he comes back out with them, risking life and limb, to share the beauty with us. He had to go into the danger to see the beauty.

Again, I think that God is like that. Immense and beautiful and more than a bit out of reach and impossible to contain. We have to give ourselves fully to encounter Him on the inside. It isn’t safe. We might be torn apart. But, He is good and He invites us in – all the way into the Danger to encounter the Beauty.

Psalm 42:7 ~

Deep calls to deep
at the roar of your waterfalls;
all your breakers and your waves
have gone over me.


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