Going Back to India

I plan to return to India this fall (October) with another small team to do some training in holistic ministry and to try and help with some clean water projects in villages up in the Himalayas. We are also going to start a business through microlending that would enable abused women from a ministry to gain a livelihood and also be able to be a witness for Christ. When you are dealing directly with the work overseas and are dealing with trustworthy people (our contacts go back for 30 years), it is amazing how far a little bit can go. We plan to have a missions dinner/fundraiser at the end of August and I had an idea to frame and mat some of the pictures that I have taken from my travels and auction them off to raise money to put in clean water tanks and support orphans in the children’s home we are working with. I thought I’d preview some of the pictures here and ask which ones you thought might be best. This set is from Paris and also from India. I did some pretty heavy editing to some of them. Tell me which ones you like best and it will probably influence me to frame that one. I’ll provide more sets for scrutiny later.

Cathedraldenotredame Paris2


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4 Responses to Going Back to India

  1. The surround makes Notre Dame appear as if it’s under assault (which may be coming soon enough to make room for the Grand Mosque al-Eurabia.) The bridge with boats looks decent enough, but I really like color unless it needs to look ancient.

  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. It is very helpful.
    The reason that I used the sepia is because I was thinking of framing them in a mural type of thing and I was trying to make them look a bit more artistic. I really didn’t think that anyone would want color pictures of Paris. You can find that anywhere. Well, that was my thinking anyway.
    The black and whites of the people in India were for the same reason. Since we are doing a lot of mission work in India, I thought that it would be helpful to actually see some the people that we are ministering to. Black and white just seems to offset the pictures more.

  3. Your pictures have really blessed me Alan! You have an eye that captures God’s beauty in creation. I remember just two years ago on our mission trip to Jordan that you had only a disposable camera but I saw your interest in photography. Thank you for sharing! Keep on blessing us with those pictures. Ashley