Grace & Peace – Message Notes: 6.04.06

We started the book of Philippians on Sunday. We’ll be preaching through Paul’s letter until at least Labor Day. I love Philippians and it has always been a major source of encouragement to me in my walk, especially when I am going through difficult times.  The most important thing that I get out of this letter is Paul’s encouragment to rejoice in the Lord always (Phil. 4:4), even though He writes from prison! 

Sunday’s message was on the greeting that Paul, Peter, and John give in their letters: Grace and Peace to you.  What does it mean to receive God’s grace? How does our peace flow from His grace? After receiving and accepting God’s grace and peace, not just for salvation, but for daily life, we are to then extend it to others so that our relationships can be whole – so we can truly experience Shalom. has a good introduction to Philippians.  Take a look at my message notes HERE.

By the way, starting next week sermons will be online at  Robby Collins, one of our elders, will be preaching on Philippians 1:3-11, so check it out. I’ll create links here to the messages for those interested!

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