Headed to the Baptist Conference on the Holy Spirit – Arlington, Texas

I leave this morning for the Baptist Conference on the Holy Spirit at Cornerstone Baptist Church pastored by Dwight McKissic. This promises to be a really interesting and well attended conference – Wade Burleson says that there are over 600 registered participants – Wow. that’s a lot for a weekend conference. I am looking forward to it. As I stated earlier, I will be participating in a panel discussion, and I will later be presenting on "Defining and Defending the Continualist Position." As I have prepared (yes, I’ve prepared), for this, I have found it to be a challenging task. It is so easy to get in the weeds on issues like this, think you have to respond to every argument, and proof text your way through it. During my preparation I found that I was reacting to criticism and just trying to answer questions. It was frustrating. There is SO MUCH information on this topic, that it is difficult to narrow it down and figure out what the most important thing is.

But, I feel that clarity has come and I am excited about what I am presenting. On some levels, it will be a bit different from arguments I’ve made in the past and on other levels, it will be familiar. I’ll share more with you after I get back, so check back on Monday for my observations from the conference. I appreciate your prayers and hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Grace and Peace

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