It’s the Most Wonderful Week of theYear!!!

My favorite week of the year started yesterday (between Christmas and New Year's). We have family visitng, presents are everywhere, we just ate brunch a little while ago, and we just had a foosball tournament with the new foosball table. Peyton, my 7 year old son, is beating everyone like 21-3. He is ridiculous. Caelan is running around in a dinosaur costume and the kids are about to play a board game. We are doing nothing except sitting around, hanging out, eating, reading, and resting. My favorite things to do!

Except for Sunday services, I'll be off work this week. We might travel to my hometown and see my Dad or we might not. I don't know yet. At any rate, we plan to rest, reflect, enjoy being together, and give some thought to what the new year holds for us.  After a long and stressful year and a long and stressful holiday season, this upcoming week is exactly what we need. I might write quite a bit this week, or very little. Basically, I plan to rest, think, and enjoy being with my family. I hope that you get a chance to do the same. This is a great week for some vacation.

What are your plans? Reading any good books? Watch any good movies?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

4 Responses to It’s the Most Wonderful Week of theYear!!!

  1. Vacation at the beach! Catch up on some family time that has been sorely lacking these last few months.

  2. We are going to Waveland, MS tomorrow to have Christmas with Andrew, Brandi and my brother Thomas and Shannon. I am so excited. It is going to be a great adventure! To see their new house and my nephews and hear all about what God is doing in their lives and the new church plant. I can’t wait!

  3. Thanks for this perspective Alan. You’ve made me realize it is the most wonderful week of the year. I’ve been hanging out with family, reading a little, and last night, my wife and I finally watched Lord of the Rings, Return of the King (we’re a little behind).
    We may go up to Huntsville this weekend. I bought my son a Saturn V rocket toy, and he’s been asking questions about astronauts.
    Merry Christmas on day 4 of 12.

  4. Megan and I went to see Bolt yesterday, very good movie. We’re headed up to Atlanta today to bring in the new year with my oldest brother. I also plan on watching the bowl games these next couple of days, I love bowl season!