Jon & Kate Plus 8: What Is the “Christian” View of This?

Their marriage is imploding. TV cameras are filming the meltdown. Paparazzi line up outside the house. Both Jon and Kate are accused of affairs. Kate is traveling all the time promoting her new book and taking part in speaking engagements. Jon is partying at night and brooding over his miserable life. Their lives are a wreck.

But, the show goes on.

They're doing it "for the kids."

The money is too much to turn down.

Kate wants to keep going. Jon just wants to get gone.

They are churchgoing Christians who are caught in a trap.


Jesus said that you can't serve both God and money (Matthew 6:24). You will love one and despise the other. He warned us about all of this. James 4 says that we quarrel and fight because of the desires that are within us that are not submitted to God  So, as they pursue fame, fortune, freedom, and pleasure, their lives fall apart and the kids that they claim to be doing this for are sacrificed on the altar of what they think is best.

There are more important things than providing college for your children.

There are more important things than a $1.2 million house.

I am not judging this family. It is a shame and anyone can fall into this trap. They need our prayers and they need to turn the cameras off and give up their lifestyle for the sake of their family and their souls. But, deception does its work on us and if we are not careful, we end up going down a path that we never thought possible.

We are all susceptible in many different ways, although our stumbles are not broadcast on national and written about on blogs by people who read the news. I really feel bad for them and I know that God has a better way. I pray that they find it.  They desperately need to experience the grace, mercy, and healing of God. This life is not all there is.

2 Responses to Jon & Kate Plus 8: What Is the “Christian” View of This?

  1. I usually don’t watch the show, but I found myself watching it last night and have in one way or another been keeping up with Jon and Kate. Despite being cable superstars, I think they are really very similar to the average American family. What they need, as well as all of us, is for the reign of Christ to rule in their hearts. The reign of Christ will cause them to see that what’s best for the kids is not separation and spite but reconciliation, forgiveness, and repentance. What’s best for their kids is for Jon and Kate to get down and dirty and deal with their sin through the power of the Spirit. And that’s what’s best for all of us.