LSU Team of the Decade?

Mattflynnlesmilesbcstrophy_2 I don’t have much to say about the game last night, except it is good to be an LSU Tiger fan. Very good. 2 National Titles in 5 years. Wow. I was very worried after we got behind 10-0 (I am naturally pessimistic), but then LSU just systematically took Ohio St. apart by scoring 31 unanswered points. Matt Flynn played great. The defense attacked.  The corners shut down OSU’s receivers all night. Speed, strength, and power. It was a win for the SEC as well, as LSU reiterated that it is by far the best conference in college football.

LSU’s much criticized coach, Les Miles, completely outcoached Jim Tressel of Ohio St. It wasn’t even close. As long as he has been at LSU, he has been in Nick Saban’s shadow and people have called him stupid. He has now beaten 7 national championship coaches in his career and is 34-6 in 3 years at LSU. You can’t argue with the record.

LSU is the first team to win two BCS titles. They are the only team to win two national championships in this decade. After losing 4 first round picks in the NFL last year, this team just reloaded, got better, and won the whole thing. Wow.

Anyway, I just wanted to give credit to my team for the dismantling of Ohio St. last night. Geaux Tigers!

You are welcome to leave you congratulations for the Tigers and thoughts about the game here!

5 Responses to LSU Team of the Decade?

  1. I’ll congratulate them on beating the snot out of Ohio State and winning the BCS title game, but to congratulate them for being national champions? I just can’t do it. With several two-loss teams (and even a couple one-loss teams), I have a hard time believing there’s a true champion this year.
    Oh, for a playoff system….

  2. Ah, my alma mater, Mississippi State. Of course I still love State. I spent 4 1/2 years of my life there. I used to be in the Dog Pound with my chest painted and cheering like a wild man. I seem to remember you standing next to me! But, since I was a wee lad, LSU has been my team – even when I was in college at MSU. So, Miss. St. is my second favorite team, and since they hardly ever truly compete against each other, it works out. That’s the same position I’ve had since we were in college together. It just wasn’t as noticeable because LSU was coached by Curley Hallman and it was hard to get excited about 4-7 seasons.
    I pull for State for all but one game. I pull for LSU every week.