New Year’s Resolution to Read the Bible Every Day

Hands Living Word Did you know that only arround 16% of Christians claim to read the Bible every day?  I saw that in a poll last year. I know that we are to hide the Word of God in our heart and that God doesn't love us less if we don't actually read the Bible everyday, but apart from rationalizing away spending time with God and in His Word, there is really no real reason as to why Christians don't make an attempt to meditate on Scripture every day. With all of the technology and resources that we have, it is more convenient now than ever to be shaped and formed by God's truth.  When you also consider that the average American is bombarded with approximately 3,000 advertising messages a day trying to get you to buy merchandise and shape your identity according to the marketplace, immersing yourself in Scripture is more important now than ever for those who want to be spiritually formed into the image of Christ.

So, here are a few resources for spending time in God's Word every day: has a host of Bible reading plans. Most of these reading plans are similar, but you can choose between multiple options on the length of the plan and even have updates emailed to you. Here is a good link: has a lot of devotionals, articles, and Bible study tools related to the spiritual life. It is always changing and updating and I use their site for Bible study regularly.  Check it out at

One Year Bible Online has a quite a few Bible reading plans and devotional helps. If you want to read through the Bible in a year or a few months, you can choose options that aid you in this. Sometimes it is hard to stick with something like this, but that is why it is a discipline that needs to be cultivated. One Year Bible Blog is full of commentary on each of the One Year Bible Readings and is a great companion FULL of information on every Scripture passage that you will read throughout the year. I highly recommend it!

If you want to memorize Scripture, my friend, Tim Brister has developed a way to memorize the book of Philippians between today and Easter Sunday.  If you would like to join them, he gives instructions on how to do this. Check out his post that gets everyone started today with the words of Jesus in John 15:1-8.  Timmy also has a PDF that breaks down Philippians into daily readings with tips for memorizing the whole thing.  Many of us don't spend time memorizing Scripture anymore and this would be a great discipline to get the Word into our hearts.

So, no matter what your situation, you can make a decision to interact more deeply with the Bible every day in 2011. How do you think your life would be different if you positioned yourself to live in a more God-centered way?  It all starts with a devotion to the Word of God and an obedience to what it says.  The foundationo of a Godly life staring with combining the reading of the Word with daily prayer and dependence on God and His power.

What if THAT was your first resolution for the New Year? 




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