Off to India

I am sitting in the Newark, New Jersey airport waiting to board a 16 hour flight to New Delhi, India. When we arrive, we will meet up with 3 other men from St. Louis, led by Darren Casper. They are from The Journey and are considering partnering with us in our work in Northern India. This will be our busiest trip yet and I am sure to be quite exhausted when I return. Jet lag really gets me on these trips. I think that it is because I have a pretty strong internal clock or something. For those of you who know me to be often late, that might shock you. But, it’s true. I can’t sleep at night when I go to India and I fall asleep during the day. By the time I start to work it out, I come home to begin the process all over again for a week or so. Not fun.

Sitting in this airport, I’m reminded how much I love America. Every ethnic group under the sun is here and they have all come to find a better life for themselves. There is so much promise and hope in the American Experience and you don’t fully realize it until you travel abroad. I know that we are struggling as a nation right now and in a strange way, I almost feel guilty for leaving. Its as though I am walking out on her at a time of great need. I’m not a lunatic. I know that Congress and Wall St. don’t need my help, but there is something about a national crisis that causes Americans to put aside their agendas and come together for the greater good. Call me an idealist, but I still think that exists in this country and it is because of that I am optimistic about our future despite the challenges of the present.

So, I am leaving for a far off land where things are so different from home. But God has not left Himself without witness in India and we go to partner with and encourage the believers there. Please pray for us. I’ll be posting as I can throughout the week when I can get an internet connection. May God richly bless each one of you.

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  1. Oops! Crazy fingers late at night don’t always behave. That should be “my” regards to Darren.