Pictures From North Carolina

Over Labor Day Weekend, my family and I travelled to North Carolina to see my wife’s sister and her husband. We had a great time visiting the North Carolina Apple Festival, camping in a cabin by a lake, seeing Asheville, hiking in the mountains just a little, and driving up the Blue Ridge Parkway. The kids did great and it was a beautiful trip. Here are a load of pictures because . . . well, just because. The first picture is of Caelan and me. I don’t normally put pictures of myself up, but this one makes me look like I’m doing something productive, so I thought I’d treat everyone.



Ncapplefestival011 Ncmountains05



Familycamping04   Familycamping01_2

Caelanroadtrip01 Ncmountains03


4 Responses to Pictures From North Carolina

  1. Your kids are cute. The two older boys have just a little bit of that preacher’s kid mischief look in their eyes.

  2. Alan,
    Love the pictures from the mountains. For next time you go to Linville Gorge, though, hike the other side. How far down that side did you go? It’s a monster walk back up, isn’t it? The other side is not as rugged, but just as beautiful.
    Trip Rodgers

  3. I can’t believe you would come to NC and not look me up. You cut me deep Shrek. I glad you had a great time in the Mother Land.
    Pastor Steve

  4. That would be I’m glad you had a great time and not I glad. We can’t spell to good here in NC.