Praying for Baby Hannah

I got an email late Saturday night from a pastor in Mobile, Alabama named Yogi Taylor. I don't know Yogi personally, but we have interacted on my blog and he has emailed me. When I read his email, I was a bit overwhelmed. Yogi's 14 month old daughter, Hannah, has developed a cancer called neuroblastoma.  They found the lump on Wednesday and she had surgery on Friday. My heart breaks for Yogi, Hannah, and their family and I would ask all of you to pray for them. You can get more information about Hannah by following the link above.

3 years ago this week, Erika found a tumor on our 8 month old son, Caelan. I was 31 years old. Yogi is 31 years old.  I feel for him. We took Caelan to the doctor and a great ordeal began. It took us a month to get to surgery. Chemo and radiation followed. It was a very scary time. Then, last February, they found another growth in him during a routine scan. We had another month of tests, scans, prayers, and fear, followed by surgery. Thankfully, God healed Caelan and the cancer did not return. He is healthy now, but we continue to look to the Lord everday for complete healing.  I have added Hannah to my prayers as well because I know what Yogi and his wife and family are going through. 

I wrote a post just prior to revealing the news about Caelan on my blog. I knew what was going on with him when I wrote this, but I was keeping it to myself. This is what I said about the way that God works:

This blog is called Downshore Drift, because that is the phenomenon that occurs when you are at the beach and you are in the water and you think that you are in one place, but in reality the water has moved you further down. The waves hit the shore straight, but come off diagonally, creating a flow of water down the shore.  That is how God is in our lives.  All of the daily struggles and triumphs, tragedies and joys, in ways great and small, reveal God in our lives.  He is at work at all times, even if we do not see it or discern it.  All of the events of the past week and the things coming up tomorrow are being used by the Lord to cause me to lose my taste for this life and to hunger and thirst for Something Beyond.  I hunger and thirst for Jesus.  He is working in my life through the good things and the bad, to move me down the shore of life, closer to Him, where He is all that is in focus.  I sense a deep need for the Lord here in the middle of the night and I am not ashamed to say that I am happy that Jesus is my Savior.  He accepts me when no one else will and He has all I need.  Tomorrow is in His hands.  I place my family in your hands Lord.  I give our future to you.  You are not surprised.

Three years later, after many trials and triumphs, I can say that God has worked in our lives. Sometimes it has been undiscernable, but He has been at work. We have experienced the death of loved ones, great triumphs, terrible tragedies, good days, bad days. But, through all of the waves of life, God continues to move us closer to Him and reveal Himself to us. God is truly at work. 

I am praying for Yogi and his wife and Hannah tonight. I have learned not to pray, "if it be thy will" when I am asking God to heal. I only just ask God to heal. He does not need my permission to do His will. But, He does tell me to ask. So, tonight I ask God to heal this little girl and to give strength to her family. I ask Him to reveal Himself to this family and to show Himself strong. I ask God to deliver and set free and bring complete healing into her life. I ask that God be glorified through all of this.

Please pray for Hannah.

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  1. Am praying. I prayed for Caelan and am so glad he is doing so well. God bless you. selahV