Seeing God Work in India

The last few days have been a whirlwind. We have been in villages, meeting with ministry leaders, and have taught in a holistic ministry conference. We have been sick and have been very tired. But, God has moved. My previous nervousness in sharing the gospel on the train did serve as motivation for me to not miss anymore opportunities and I have seen God work and answer my prayers for boldness. Thank you for praying if you happened to see the last post. God works through weak vessels, of which I am one.

The needs here are so great. Children are everywhere. The ministries are trying to care for and teach as many as they can, but they are limited by a lack of funds. That is why we try to raise money for the work here. Children, children, children. There is such an opportunity to invest in the future of India and to see lives transformed. Why do we in America sit on so much wealth while thousands of children could be helped and exposed to God's love here in India?

Today, I heard a man's testimony about how he came to Christ. He is a doctor and was an unbeliever. A man brought his wife to him for him to help her. She was basically dead with very little pulse. The doctor tried to help her and he could not and had to tell the woman's husband that he could do nothing for her. She was going to die. The husband was very upset and asked again if anything could be done. At that point, the doctor remembered that he had heard about the power of God and how Jesus raised the dead. So, he cried out to a God that he didn't know and asked Him to heal this woman. Within two hours, the woman recovered and was better. The doctor then rejoiced in the Lord and gave His life to Jesus. I heard this story just today. What a powerful God we serve!

I will be teaching in the conference again tomorrow and we will meet with ministry leaders tomorrow night. Then, we return home via Delhi and a very long train ride on Friday and Saturday. Thank you for your prayers. They have been very much needed.

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