The Biggest Loser

Some guys in our church have decided to levy a challenge: Starting September 2, we are going to enter a contest to see who can be the biggest loser. You’ve probably seen that show on television. Well, we are going to make a pact for the next four months to change our lifestyle so that we can get in better shape, lose weight, and become healthier. We will hold each other accountable and encourage one another. Unfortunately, I really need to do this. I’m 33 years old, and the spare tire around the middle is starting to grow. I was always really skinny in high school and college, but those days are gone. With each passing year, I add another 5-10 pounds. If I don’t start to reverse this, it won’t be pretty in another 5 years. It already isn’t pretty.

So, in the spirit of the gluttony resolution that was submitted to the SBC this year, we have decided to do something about it. I noticed a considerable weight gain last year when my son Caelan was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t understand it, but I just seemed to be piling it on. I was (and in many ways still am) under an enormous amount of stress. Well, according to an article that I read on MSN today, stress can be a major trigger for weight gain. Check it out HERE.  So, in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, I also need to get regular sleep and find a way to let things go instead of holding onto them so tightly. I can be a pretty intense person at times, and I think that is having an affect.

So, as another means of accountability, I will post here each month how much weight was actually lost. I pretty much have to do this or else suffer the consequences of public humiliation. That might seem like too much pressure for some, but I welcome it. I do not binge eat or snack during the day, so the biggest things for me will be to get regular exercise, get enough sleep, stay away from sweets and fast food, and do not eat late at night.  If I can do those things, I think that this will be successful. So, here we go!

6 Responses to The Biggest Loser

  1. Alan, couldn’t be more happy for you and the guys. I was thinking about joining the workouts in the mornings. Looking forward to seeing who can be the Biggest Loser!

  2. Three suggestions:
    A few suggestions
    1. Lift weights–much more effective than aerobics.
    2. Focus on the mirror, not the scale. Gaining 5 or 10 lbs of muscle is the best thing you can do for your metabolism, but it obviously offsets weight loss.
    3. Buy the “Cheat to Lose” diet by Joel Marion. You’ll learn how to strategically cheat, which will allow you to stay on the diet in the long term (and actually helps your metabolism).

  3. Alan,
    I can guaratee a way to loose 25-30 pounds in 4 months.
    Cut out the following:
    “All” Fried foods, soft drinks and bread. It will be tough but it will work.

  4. Thanks guys. I plan to combine Kevin and Charles’ suggestions.
    Everything but the bread. Man, that will be hard. No bread?
    Okay, whatever it takes.

  5. Alan, I lost almost 60 pounds the year I turned 30 in about six months. How did I do it? Ran my bottom off. I started slow but kept running. And running. I mixed in some weight training when I first started, but that isn’t my forte. I didn’t worry about the diet so much as I ran.
    Regardless of how you do it, do it, because it is enjoyable and it really improves the quality of your life. And, if you want to hike in the heat of India, teach in the deserts of Africa, or do any such things, it will make such journeys easier.