Will Evangelicals Support Trump’s Mass Forced Deportation Plan?

Will Evangelicals Support Trump’s Mass Forced Deportation Plan?

Trump’s plan for the forced mass deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants and their 5 million U.S. citizen children is to forcibly deport 25,000 people per day for 18-24 months at the beginning of his administration, which would necessitate the suspension of Due Process (Constitutionally guaranteed even to those here illegally), would cost approximately $600 Billion, and would have a net economic impact of over $2 Trillion over 20 years. I wrote about this plan in detail last September and explained the historical significance and cost of this.

The Trail of Tears involved forced removal of 40,000 Creek and Cherokee Indians over approximately 10 years, just for historical reference, and is considered a blight on American history. Families would be divided and parents removed from children. Hundreds of thousands of children would be thrown into the foster care system as they are U.S. citizens because they were born here, but their parents will be removed. Many parents will leave their children behind because for many to return to where they are from, it would be a death sentence. Millions of the 11 million undocumented have been here for years. Millions were brought here as children without their own consent and they have no real memory of their home country. Communities will be torn apart. Churches emptied. Families disbanded. Children orphaned. The cost to tax payers will be in he hundreds of billions. The cost to our nation morally and socially will be unfathomable.

If you vote for Trump because you think he is the lesser of evils, I understand and recognize that many are in a real dilemma. But, what will you do when forced mass immigration happens? Will you stand by as a newly formed, weaponized immigration police force rolls through your community in raids in the middle of the night to clear out neighborhoods and pull parents away from screaming children? This is not sensationalism. This happens now. It happened in January in Atlanta. I spoke to people who had first hand knowledge of the ICE raids going after the families of those who came last year as migrants from Central America and missed their court dates, often because they did not speak English and had no idea what was required of them. In the middle of the night, armed ICE agents broke through their doors and pulled them out and off to detention and deportation. The numbers affected across the country were a few hundred. What if that happens with 25,000 per day all over the country? Because that is what it will take to complete Trump’s forced mass deportation plan.

If you have to vote for Trump, then what is your responsibility to oppose some of his actions? Will you take on his beliefs about what to do about undocumented immigrants? Will you also support forced mass deportation of millions of people – many who have been here for years and were either brought here against their will as small children or have citizen children who were born here? If you are against this, are you prepared to advocate for immigrants and stand with them when the deportation forces come for them? These are real questions for us now. This is the dilemma that we are in.

If you are a follower of Christ during this time in history, what will you do?

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