Writing From Indira Ghandhi International Airport

They're beginning to screen for Swine Flu here, at least for the incoming passengers. We are pretty tired from constant meetings, travel, speaking, learning, driving, travel, more travel, etc. Did I mention that we travelled a lot? It was all good, though. We are about to board our plane in an hour or so, and then I'll be at 38,000 feet or so for the next 16 hours. Long flight. I plan to sleep. We'll arrive home about 26 hours from now.

God has blessed us greatly on this trip. We saw amazing things and met with amazing people. The work is progressing well in various parts, but lots of prayer is needed. There are major strongholds that need to come down, which is why we continue to come. God loves the people of India and He wants to reach them with His sacrifical love. But, we are His hands and feet and He chooses to use us to bring His Kingdom. May we respond to the Divine Initiative.

I'm beyond exhausted and have nothing profound to say. I'll give a basic update with pictures next week sometime. Using Twitter and Facebook to give regular updates has been a cool addition to this trip. Thanks for all the emails and comments of encouragement along the way. It has been a blessing. It was fun to give real time updates, although I went back and looked at what I had written and saw that too much of it was commenting on how much we were travelling. That was likely because that was mostly when I had time to write something and it was what I was doing at the time. But, we did a lot more than that and at the end of each trip was an amazing meeting with people that God is using in profound ways.

For all that has happened on this trip, I am VERY glad to be going home. I miss my family very much and can't wait to see them. I've only been gone about 9 days, which is not that long in the vast scheme of things, but I really don't like being away from them that much. It is always great to return home.

I'll get home on Saturday and life will return to normal (whatever that is). But, on the other side of the planet, people are struggling in grinding poverty and lostness. We turn away from suffering far too easily. I'm glad that God does not.

One Response to Writing From Indira Ghandhi International Airport

  1. Praises for a good (but tiring) trip, petitions for a safe journey back to your kindred. Thanks for calling our minds and hearts toward those who need Jesus, and food, and brotherly love, and opportunity,…… How soon and often I fail to think beyond my own sphere. Thanks Alan. Rest well.