A New (Female) Voice in the Blogosphere

A month ago or so I said I’d be revamping this blog, changing my links, updating things, etc. Well, it takes a little time and I haven’t gotten to it, but I can tell you someone who will be on my blogroll when I redo it: Emily Hunter McGowin. I’ve seen her comments on some of the blogs that I frequent here and there over the past couple of months, but I didn’t know who she was. She provides a unique (read, not male) perspective on living the Christian life and theology that we all need to listen to. I really liked her latest post on the significance of women in God’s design. Here’s an excerpt:

All right, ladies, I have a "newsflash" for you: God didn’t make a mistake when he made you a woman.

I know that seems silly. You may be thinking, who really thinks God made a mistake when he made them female? But, I assure you it is not silly. In fact, I have encountered many women in the past few years who are decidedly, though normally not admittedly, disappointed that they are women. I can’t unlock the many reasons why this is so. Often, they are too personal and complex for any outsider to discern. But, those of you who struggle with your identity, who long to have the apparent freedom that men have, this post is for you.

We need to hear from all voices in the body of Christ, not just the male ones. God made us all and gives all of us a unique perspective on life and His work amongst us. Thanks, Emily, for letting God speak through you and for being willing to teach . . . (ahem), share with us men. 🙂

4 Responses to A New (Female) Voice in the Blogosphere

  1. Emily is a plus to the blog world. She has a wonderful way of putting thoughts into words.

  2. I just added Emily to my blog roll the other day. I am so excited about all the awesome women that are appearing and commenting in Blog Town lately. I can’t say I go to Emily’s blog first though. I actually read them in alphabetical order down my blog roll. Yes, I’m one of “those” people. 🙂 So actually, I always read Alan’s blog first.

  3. I love how Emily puts things; also, she’s a cat owner.
    Which may explain a lot.