When Heaven and Earth Collide Podcast With Bart Barber on Immigration Reform and Religious Freedom

When Heaven and Earth Collide Podcast With Bart Barber on Immigration Reform and Religious Freedom

I am starting a new podcast called When Heaven and Earth Collide with interviews from leaders from across the country on issues related to immigration, race, religious freedom, culture, politics, faith/theology, and how Jesus affects all of this and calls us to “tell a better story.” When the life and teachings of Jesus (Heaven) collide with a world that is broken and divided (Earth) in the life and witness of a Christian and the local church, amazing things can happen. I have met some amazing people with significant perspectives in my work as I travel. The format of the podcast will basically involve me asking them questions. Rarely will I opine at length about my own views (although the hearer is always in danger of that!).

Bart-BarberToday, I start with Dr. Bart Barber, pastor of First Baptist Church, Farmersville, Texas. Bart is a Baptist historian,  theologian, professor, missionary, and former First Vice President of the SBC. Anyone who knows Bart and has read his writings knows that he has taken a strong stand on religious liberty for Muslims and all people – even for those he disagrees with. And, he has defended that stand in Baptist life.

Bart begins by talking about the work of the Evangelical Immigration Table, of which he is a signatory, and about why we need immigration reform. He talks about the role of pastors and churches in helping to solve this problem in America and how gospel preaching is the key to changing people’s minds on what the Bible says on this issue. He talks about why we should defend religious freedom for all, the call to engage in missions to the nations, and has a pretty interesting perspective on the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares that is worth hearing and considering.

These podcasts are under 30 minutes long (most are 15-20 minutes) and you can listen to them while driving to work or getting ready in the morning. If you want to subscribe, use the “subscribe button” in the sidebar that links to iTunes. Thanks to my friends Todd Littleton and Marty Duren for suggesting I do this and for Todd helping me get started! Special thanks to my son, Peyton, for providing the original intro music! Also, check out other podcasts on Roundtable Media Group.

EvangelicalImmigrationTableFor further resources on how pastors and churches can engage in addressing the immigration problems in our nation from a biblical perspective, be sure to check out the Evangelical Immigration Table.

Also see my 2014 book, When Heaven and Earth Collide: Racism, Southern Evangelicals, and the Better Way of Jesus (NewSouth Books), that touches on similar themes.


Now, click in the player below and enjoy this interview with Dr. Bart Barber.

One Response to When Heaven and Earth Collide Podcast With Bart Barber on Immigration Reform and Religious Freedom

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful work on this topic. I just finished listening to the podcast with Dr. Bart Barber.

    I’m an SBC pastor in a small city (48,000) in Twin Falls, Idaho. Our city has a refugee center and in the throws of a volatile day in my community as immigration issues have erupted.

    You and Bart help articulate the gospel duty in light of the issues.