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Caelan Has Cancer Scans Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Friday, May 7th), Caelan has to go Birmingham for scans. We do this every four months. I hate scan days. This has been going on for over three years with Caelan and we are so grateful that he is through with treatments and is healthy. But, scan days are the days where we test… Continue Reading

Praying for Baby Hannah

I got an email late Saturday night from a pastor in Mobile, Alabama named Yogi Taylor. I don't know Yogi personally, but we have interacted on my blog and he has emailed me. When I read his email, I was a bit overwhelmed. Yogi's 14 month old daughter, Hannah, has developed a cancer called neuroblastoma. … Continue Reading

Caelan’s Scans are Clear!

All went well today. Thank you all for praying! We are praising God! Almost 3 years ago, we found a lump on the side of our 8 month old son, Caelan. He was diagnosed with cancer shortly after that and we went through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and a lot of trials. Almost a year ago… Continue Reading

Caelan Has Scans Tomorrow

I put this in my previous post, but I thought I'd break it out because we really would like prayer. Caelan, my 3 year old son, has scans tomorrow. Caelan is totally healthy right now and these scans are routine and nothing out of the ordinary. He goes every 4 months for this, and since… Continue Reading

He Has Made Me Glad

Yesterday, we celebrated Caelan’s third birthday.  He is doing great!  He is strong and healthy and he is also alive. We praise God for that. When we had the cancer scare back in March, we knew that if the cancer had returned and God did not intervene, Caelan would have probably not made it to… Continue Reading

Caelan Does Not Have Cancer!!!

Our oncologist just came in with the pathology results: Caelan does not have cancer!!! They don’t know exactly what the mass is and they said they don’t really care. All they care about is that it is not cancer! Did you get that? Caelan is completely healthy with no cancer! Praise God from whom all… Continue Reading

Caelan Is Doing VERY Well! Praise God!

So many prayers were answered today. Our surgeon was able to get the enlarged lymph node without any trouble. In other words, they were able to get it with the smaller incision and the scope instead of the large incision that would have been much more painful and involved. Everything went beautifully. She only biopsied… Continue Reading