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The High Holy Days of the American Experience

With the emergence of Black Friday as an unofficial American holiday (holy day), I have been giving some thought to the purpose of holidays in the experience of a culture/people.  The word “holiday” comes from the concept of a “holy day,” or a day of commemoration, celebration, or observance. Every religion has its holy days… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving and Advent Thoughts

As we turn to our Thanksgiving celebrations this week, we have much to consider. What are we to be thankful for?  How are we to be thankful?  What difference does a spirit of Thanksgiving make in our lives. A passage that I have been meditating on this week is 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. It says, "Be… Continue Reading

Random Thinking

Last night, I couldn't get to sleep. My mind was racing. Finally, I drifted off, but not before I ran through a dozen different subjects. I've been told by friends that I have adult ADD. Maybe so. It would explain a lot. Normally, I write essays for this blog because it is really rewarding for… Continue Reading

Missional Holidays: The Nations Came To Our Church For Thanksgiving Last Night!

Every year, we have a huge Thanksgiving Dinner, the Sunday night before Thanksgiving. We bring tons of food and pack out the sanctuary, which also serves as our fellowship space. Each year, we are almost filled to capacity with our members and their friends. We eat, sing, and people share from the floor what they… Continue Reading

The Biggest Loser

Some guys in our church have decided to levy a challenge: Starting September 2, we are going to enter a contest to see who can be the biggest loser. You’ve probably seen that show on television. Well, we are going to make a pact for the next four months to change our lifestyle so that… Continue Reading

Singing in a Bar and Other Christmas Musings

Well, Christmas is almost here. This will be my last post until after Christmas. I’ve got family coming in tomorrow and LOTS needs to be done to get ready and to finish up all of our Christmas preparations. My wife would not be happy to see me sitting on the computer while she does everything,… Continue Reading