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When Football Becomes Idolatry: Dead Trees at Auburn’s Toomer’s Corner

Wow.  Again, wow. It just got real in the state of Alabama. Harvey Updike, 62, from Dadeville, AL was arrested early this morning for poisoning the famous oak trees at Toomer's Corner in Auburn, AL.  These trees are very important to fans of Auburn University and they are traditionally rolled with toilet paper after big… Continue Reading

The High Holy Days of the American Experience

With the emergence of Black Friday as an unofficial American holiday (holy day), I have been giving some thought to the purpose of holidays in the experience of a culture/people.  The word “holiday” comes from the concept of a “holy day,” or a day of commemoration, celebration, or observance. Every religion has its holy days… Continue Reading

Resurrection Day, Gardening With the Kids, and Enjoying God’s Beauty

We just finished an amazing weekend of worship, reflection on the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Christ, spending time with family, and looking toward the future. We look backward at what Christ has done so that we can more clearly see our present and so that we can look ahead to the hope that He… Continue Reading

Back From SF, Blog (March) Madness

Ashtyn and I returned from SF last night. We had a great time!  I've got some great pictures and thoughts from the time that we spent together. We also got some insight into what God is doing in the Bay Area through the people that we reconnected with. More on that next week.  The whole… Continue Reading

It’s the Most Wonderful Week of theYear!!!

My favorite week of the year started yesterday (between Christmas and New Year's). We have family visitng, presents are everywhere, we just ate brunch a little while ago, and we just had a foosball tournament with the new foosball table. Peyton, my 7 year old son, is beating everyone like 21-3. He is ridiculous. Caelan… Continue Reading