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Faith Instead of Fear

How do we overcome fear in our walk with God? How do we keep from shrinking back? How do we continue growing in The Lord and keep putting ourselves out there to risk, even in the face of rejection and pain? I preached on this today and thought it was worth posting.   Paul encouraged… Continue Reading

Christian Vocation and God’s Benevolent Care

When we think about our "calling," we often think of someone being "called" into full-time ministry. But, that is a very truncated view of what our calling is.  From the Latin word for "calling" we get the concept of Vocation. Everyone has a God-given Vocation, a role to play in their family, church, workplace, and… Continue Reading

Random Thinking

Last night, I couldn't get to sleep. My mind was racing. Finally, I drifted off, but not before I ran through a dozen different subjects. I've been told by friends that I have adult ADD. Maybe so. It would explain a lot. Normally, I write essays for this blog because it is really rewarding for… Continue Reading

How Will the Crash Reshape America and How Will the Church Respond?

Richard Florida, the director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and writing for The Atlantic, tells us that America has changed forever with the current economic crash. As a country, we will have to remake ourselves and the future will not look much like the past. Gone… Continue Reading

Thoughts to Start Off the Week

A few things I’m thinking about today as we start off another week . . . Ernesto seems to be moving east toward Florida. I don’t wish a hurricane on anyone, and my sister lives in Orlando, but I am very glad it is not projected to hit Louisiana-Mississippi. They truly can’t take it. The… Continue Reading

Grace & Peace – Message Notes: 6.04.06

We started the book of Philippians on Sunday. We’ll be preaching through Paul’s letter until at least Labor Day. I love Philippians and it has always been a major source of encouragement to me in my walk, especially when I am going through difficult times.  The most important thing that I get out of this… Continue Reading