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The Apostle Thomas and the “Good Ground” for the Gospel in India

I ran across an old book today on the The Search for the Twelve Apostles by William Steuart McBirnie (1973).  In it, he quotes from a special publication that was "published to commemorate the visit to India of the Patriarch of the Church of the East" (145).  This volume was called Souvenir of India, In Honour of… Continue Reading

Can Southern Baptists Be Missional? Part 3: Is the Gospel a Proposition or a Person?

See Parts One and Two if you want to read the background to this series. I think that we struggle with the gospel. I don't pretend that I have some great revelation into what the gospel is that was heretofore not seen. It is pretty clear in Scripture. But, we still struggle with it.  As Southern… Continue Reading

Are Southern Baptists Capable of Being Missional? Part 2

See Part One here.   Please note that I am writing with broad generalizations about overall trends and perspectives. I have seen many exceptions to what I am writing here. But, they stand out in my mind because they are exceptions, not the rule. ______________________ A couple of days ago, I asked if Southern Baptists were… Continue Reading

Are Southern Baptists Capable of Being Missional?

The entire conversation in the Evangelical Christian world has shifted to engaging ourselves with the larger culture missionally.  Even the Rob Bell dust up over the issue of the existence of hell has missionality as a foundation because he is trying to figure out how to discuss difficult issues with people who do not find… Continue Reading

Incarnating the Gospel: Bringing Jesus Into the Neighborhood

Alan Hirsch says that we are to plant the gospel and not plant churches. Church emerges from people incarnating the gospel in their neighborhoods. Everyone is commissioned to carry the gospel – our baptism IS our commission.  Good stuff. Take a few minutes to listen and tell me what you think.   Continue Reading