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“Tipa, Tipa” – Little by Little/Step by Step. A Life Philosophy.

“Tipa, Tipa” – Little by Little/Step by Step. A Life Philosophy.

“Tipa, Tipa.” That is what they say in Haiti. It is Creole for “Little by Little.” Or, “Step by Step.” It means that with large tasks in front of us, we should be persistent and keep going and take things one step at a time. I love that saying. In my many trips to Haiti… Continue Reading

Expectations, Conflict, Frustration, and C.S. Lewis on Protecting “Our Time”

War. Conflict. Frustration. Nations battling nations and individuals full of disappointment and struggle. Next Wednesday night in our Bible study, I will be talking about James 4:1-10, which is one of those passages in Scripture that looks into my heart and reveals the mess that is often there. It is both convicting and hope-giving at… Continue Reading

Bonhoeffer on the Kingdom of God and Self

Doing research tonight and I was reading about the German Confessing Church during the Nazi regime of the 1930's and 40's. Of course, I ran across Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German Christian, Pastor, and philosopher who opposed the Nazi regime on the basis of Christian fidelity. Here are some quotes that challenged me deeply:  “Jesus Christ… Continue Reading