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Why Are Southern Baptists Moving So Slowly Toward Greater Ethnic Diversity in Leadership?

Last summer at the SBC Annual Meeting in Baltimore, I brought a motion asking for an official assessment of the progress that Southern Baptists have made in increasing ethnic diversity in leadership over the past 20 years since our 1995 resolution apologizing for supporting slavery, racism, and segregation. Much had been accomplished throughout the convention… Continue Reading

Obama’s Right/Wrong Statements About Religion and Violence at the National Prayer Breakfast

Sarah Pulliam Bailey, in her first byline this morning for the Washington Post, writes about President Obama’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast where he addressed issues of religious liberty, free speech, and the ways that religion can often be used by those engaging in violence to others. I saw most of the speech this… Continue Reading

Chick-Fil-A Backtracks on Support of Anti-Same-Sex Marriage Groups?

Huffington Post is reporting this morning that Chick-Fil-A is ceasing to support pro-family groups who lobby to oppose same-sex marriage, such as Exodus International, the Family Research Council, and Focus on the Family.  The organization, The Civil Rights Agenda, states in a press release: September 18, 2012 – Chicago, Illinois – The Civil Rights Agenda… Continue Reading

While Some Churches Cancel Christmas Sunday Services, Christ Remains a Scandal

Christmas Day is on a Sunday this year, and just like in 2005, we hearing about churches cancelling their Sunday services because it is Christmas and they want to free people up to be with their families. I understand that the secular version of Christmas is about family and friends and gift giving and what… Continue Reading

Why Racial Division in the SBC Is a Gospel Issue (#sbc2011)

Supposedly, the SBC meeting in Phoenix will issue a new declaration on racial discrimination within the Convention that will be multifaceted. This is really important and I am glad that my denomination is continuing to see this as a gospel issue.  Dave Miller at SBC Voices explains how he has pushed for this and is… Continue Reading

Advent Meditations: What If We Celebrated Christmas Differently from the World?

This year, I am giving full attention to Advent (the four weeks of expectation preceding Christmas) and am trying to observe it more faithfully. I am leading our church in this as well.  The pull of the world with all its trappings is so strong that it has completely overwhelmed a Christian version of Christmas. In reality,… Continue Reading

Election Night, @Tallskinnykiwi, and Reaching the City

(My kids at the voting station) Engaging in some random thinking tonight as the nation changes with the sweeping in of Republican leadership.  I predicted this almost two years ago when the stimulus bill was passed, by the way ("Did Republicans Just Win the 2010 Midterm Elections?" Feb. 17, 2009).   I don't think that Americans… Continue Reading

Why the #GCR Will Not Work the Way Its Leaders Hope

Last night, the GCRTF (Great Commission Resurgence Task Force) of the Southern Baptist Convention released their mid-term progress report on the work that they have been doing to help bring renewal to the SBC. They are going to release the whole report full of recommendations in early May in preparation for the SBC's Annual Meeting in June… Continue Reading

Are Multi-Site, Video-Venue Churches a Good Idea?

I have thinking about this quite a bit over the past few months and have decided to weigh in with some thoughts. I'd appreciate any other opinions on this as well. The new trend in church growth is for successful churches with popular pastors to start new congregations in other places by broadcasting their preaching… Continue Reading