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We Aren’t Supposed to Invite Jesus Into Our Life

Yesterday, I was talking with our Sunday School class about the big picture Redemption Story that God has initiated and how, by His grace, we are called up into that. We were looking at the narratives in Genesis and how God was the main character and how Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and Joseph only gain significance… Continue Reading

What Time Is It?

For a class that I am co-teaching this summer at our church, I prepared a lesson on characteristics of different time periods in Western history and how they relate to our Christian witness. For simplicity’s sake, I called them the pre-modern (traditional) period, the modern period, the post-modern age, and the post-post modern age. These… Continue Reading

Sunday School Class Notes: 2 Corinthians 1:12-22 – Standing Up Under Criticism

What happens when people criticize you? When you are attacked personally?                      Sometimes we get  defensive and go on the attack. Other times we acquiesce completely and just try to make the other person happy. Rare is the person who can objectively consider the criticism and respond in a… Continue Reading