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Obama’s Right/Wrong Statements About Religion and Violence at the National Prayer Breakfast

Sarah Pulliam Bailey, in her first byline this morning for the Washington Post, writes about President Obama’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast where he addressed issues of religious liberty, free speech, and the ways that religion can often be used by those engaging in violence to others. I saw most of the speech this… Continue Reading

Why I Reject Evolution (And Am Intellectually Satisfied Doing So)

Apparently, I am part of the 33% of Americans who do not believe in Evolution, according to a recent Pew Research Religion & Public Life Project study (Al Mohler’s article yesterday got me thinking about this today). And, I am completely fine with that. I am not trying to be different or unique or have… Continue Reading

Is Our Christianity Actually Christless?

I was rereading some of Michael Horton's Christless Christianity the other day and I ran across this passage where Horton talks about some of George Barna's research on the current state of the church and Christians and what they believe. It was interesting to me and the implications are pretty huge. I will reprint it… Continue Reading