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My Iona Overrun by the Mist

My Iona Overrun by the Mist

My Iona Overrun by the Mist The power of place. Time. Sight. Smell. Music. A cool breeze on your face. The sun. The water. Mountains. Crisp air. Wrestling with God and yourself and others and the implications of it all. Ancient theology. Modern application. Figuring out how life works. A City. Strange cultures, ideas, languages,… Continue Reading

Why I Reject Evolution (And Am Intellectually Satisfied Doing So)

Apparently, I am part of the 33% of Americans who do not believe in Evolution, according to a recent Pew Research Religion & Public Life Project study (Al Mohler’s article yesterday got me thinking about this today). And, I am completely fine with that. I am not trying to be different or unique or have… Continue Reading

Chick-Fil-A Backtracks on Support of Anti-Same-Sex Marriage Groups?

Huffington Post is reporting this morning that Chick-Fil-A is ceasing to support pro-family groups who lobby to oppose same-sex marriage, such as Exodus International, the Family Research Council, and Focus on the Family.  The organization, The Civil Rights Agenda, states in a press release: September 18, 2012 – Chicago, Illinois – The Civil Rights Agenda… Continue Reading

Breaking In

Breaking In The whole world lay still, silent, strapped down Loaded beneath the weight of groaning and longing For a new day, a breakthrough, a hope, Some form of deliverance A little happiness, A moment of light, Someone to heal the rift, A breaking of the dawn.   Into this, came the most unexpected surprise.… Continue Reading

Overcoming the “God as a Means to an End” Idolatry Through Prayer

This morning, I was reading Psalm 73 and it affected me greatly. It says that God is good, but the Psalmist lost his vision of that because he began to focus on the arrogant and wicked and how they seemed to prosper even though they didn't follow God. Why was this? Why did wicked, prideful people… Continue Reading

Moral Relativism and the Decline of Britain and the US

The riots in Great Britain last week are eliciting some interesting reactions across the pond. I am so used to unrest in America always being attributed to poverty or injustice or bigotry of some kind, that I was taken aback when Prime Minister David Cameron blamed Britain's problems on moral decline – and he is… Continue Reading