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Photos From New Orleans

This past weekend, Erika and I took a little trip with some friends to New Orleans. I was recently given a new camera and I thought I'd try it out. Here are a few photos that I took in various places in New Orleans, my favorite city.                       Continue Reading

Random Thinking

Last night, I couldn't get to sleep. My mind was racing. Finally, I drifted off, but not before I ran through a dozen different subjects. I've been told by friends that I have adult ADD. Maybe so. It would explain a lot. Normally, I write essays for this blog because it is really rewarding for… Continue Reading

The Road to Dehradun

I wrote this around 4am in a guest room in a remote area of the Himalayas last week. There was no electricity where we were, so I wrote by candlelight as my travel companions slept on cots beside me. Through this writing, I was able to capture my thoughts about India and the work that… Continue Reading

Back From India

I returned from India on Saturday evening and have been incredibly busy ever since. The trip was incredible and all of our goals were accomplished. I’ll briefly share what happened and elaborate more later:  In conjunction with a Christian hospital high in the mountains of Northern India, we established the beginnings of the Himalayan Clean… Continue Reading

Pictures From North Carolina

Over Labor Day Weekend, my family and I travelled to North Carolina to see my wife’s sister and her husband. We had a great time visiting the North Carolina Apple Festival, camping in a cabin by a lake, seeing Asheville, hiking in the mountains just a little, and driving up the Blue Ridge Parkway. The… Continue Reading